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Hi Hat + Mattew’s Octagon

Hi Hat with 100mm Bowl - Adaptable to 75mm using 319

Manfrotto’s new Hi-Hat enables you to get shots from the dog’s perspective. The 529B has adjustable leg angles to mount the camera in the tightest or lowest of locations – and thanks to the built – in spreader you can simply use the 529B on any even surface. The feet are rubber-padded to protect delicate surfaces and have a hole so that the 529B can be screwed to a ladder, apple-box or a sheet of wood.


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Hi Hat with 100mm

Matthews Octagon Board

The Matthews Octagon Board is an elegant, simple solution to mounting your camera low–just bolt a Hi Hat to the Octagon Board, mount your camera on the Hi Hat, set it down on the floor or ground and you’re ready to shoot.


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