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Kessler Slider “Pocket Dolly”

Kessler Slider "Pocket Dolly"

The Pocket Dolly™ Basic is the perfect economy slider. It provides consistent and quiet linear camera movement and starts at less that 5 lbs in weight, ideal for run-and-gun shooters. When getting the shot quickly and efficiently matter, there’s no better slider for the price.


Kessler Slider

The Pocket Dolly Basic is both lightweight and compact and is extremely easy to set up. The Pocket Dolly Basic can also be center-mounted to a tripod, eliminating the need for additional gear. The Pocket Dolly Basic starts at less than 5 lbs for the smallest size.

Solid Build and Design
The Pocket Dolly™ Basic was designed and built to last and can handle rigs up to 15 lbs. Workmanship and simplicity ensure years and years of use backed by our lifetime warranty.

Achieving smooth dolly shots isn’t reserved for major productions. The Pocket Dolly Basic is the perfect entry-level slider that performs like a world-class dolly.

Lifetime Warranty
Backed by our manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty, we guarantee that it is free from defects in material and workmanship, otherwise we’ll fix it.

With the addition of the Parallax bar, easily add a panning axis to the slider.

Kessler Slider "Pocket Dolly"

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