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Lilliput 4k Monitor

Lilliput BM230-4K Carry-on 4K Monitor

Lilliput BM230-4K Carry-on 4K Monitor The Lilliput BM230-4K A 23.8″ 4K resolution monitor with HDMI and SDI connectivity.
Lilliput 4k Carry

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Designed for the professional video and film industry and is ideally suited for directors and film crews working on location at 4K recording sites. With an Ultra HD screen panel and features designed for portability it’s ideal for 4K video review on the go.


The BM230-4K monitor features the latest 4K imaging technology. Connected through by HDMI 2.0, 4K screens are Ultra HD – containing 8.3 million pixels making the resolution four times more powerful than full HD making them the ultimate in cinematic displays.
The monitor’s 23.8″ 16:9 LED display gives a widbm230e viewing angle and consistently great images from any perspective. It’s large enough to gather a crowd and gives a great picture from any angle
The BM230-4K has a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 300cd/m brightness ratio, giving you sharper pictures and rich colours. Enjoy more detailed images than ever before.

The monitor comes with a specially designed flight case for greater robustness and portability. The design also allows for greater heat radiation and ensures greater reliability over longer shoots.


Lilliput 4k Carry on Monitor
The monitor comes with all of the major video standards used in commercial and the video industry. The BM230K connects using HDMI for 4K resolutions, and can connect using either HDMI or SDI for standard 1080p and below resolutions. This gives the ability to meet the needs of any professional display solution.
An aluminium outer body provides excellent protection to extend the lifetime of your monitor.
4 Programmable function keys on the front of the monitor allow you to shortcut to your most used functions, such as peaking, histograms, check field, image flip etc.
With wirless HDMI (wHDI) technology you can transmit 1080p 60Hz signals direct to the monitor without the need for cables, making for a much more portable solution when on set. One transmitter can connect to multiple receiver units giving you a video village without the need for cables.
Lilliput 4k carry - Monitor
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