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Who We Are

Your Premier Film Equipment Rental in Toronto
Welcome to Canuck, Toronto‘s premier source for high quality film equipment rentals. Established in early 2014, we are dedicated to providing filmmakers, cinematographers and content creators with top notch camera, lens, accessories, grip and lighting gear.

why choose canuck

Extensive Inventory: Explore our carefully curated selection of cutting edge equipment. 
Quality Assurance: Our meticulously maintained gear ensures optical performance on every shoot.
Expert Support: Our Knowledgeable team offers  personalized recommendations and technical assistance. 
Flexibility: Choose from flexible rental packages to suit various production scales and budget.
Our Commitment:  
At Canuck, we are not just a rental house;  we are your creative ally. Elevate your film making experience with our commitment to excellence, reliability and customer satisfaction. 

Canuck Camera is proud to have worked with a growing list of clients, including...

Radke Film Group
UFC Championship
Milwaukee Brewing Co
Canadian FIlm Centre
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