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Ronin 2

Ronin 2

The Ronin 2 was specifically designed for handheld camera applications but is now much more versatile. The Ronin 2 comes with aerial, cable, Steadicam and car mounting capabilities and its high torque motors give the Ronin 2 a larger payload. New GPS algorithms also allow the Ronin 2 to perform more smoothly in high-stress environments.

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Ronin 2


With the Ronin 2, filmmakers can now easily capture the scene they envision. Thanks to the upgraded high torque motors the Ronin 2 can support a wider variety of cameras as well as resist high winds and G-forces when mounted onto a car.


The Ronin 2 is compatible with the RED Dragon, the ARRI Alexa Mini, Black Magic Ursa Mini, Sony FS7, Canon C300, and more. Whether the camera is a DSLR or a cinema grade camera the Ronin 2 will stabilize the build.


The Ronin 2 features eight times more powerful motors than previous models and can withstand speeds of over 75 mph with cameras as heavy as 30lbs. The motors on the Ronin 2 are encoded for extreme precision and the same 0.02degrees of accuracy. With the Ronin 2 power has been increased without sacrificing control.



Ronin Accessory Support
Accessory Support


A brand new detachable Grip can enable the Ronin 2 to stand up on its own. The grip can also be separated if the lower part of the hand grip is not needed. The Ronin 2 is compatible with cable cams, cranes, Steadicams, drones and more. The Ronin is easier to set-up as everything has been redesigned for ease of use and speed.


The Ronin 2 features an ultra-bright touch screen that streamlines and accelerates gimbal set up. The touch screen also makes it more convenient for users to adjust and change their settings. Tactile functions like motor pause are now more easily available as well.


The newly refined and redesigned Gimbal Assistant app helps users create shots with minimum effort with new features like Timelapse, Panorama, CamAnchor and more for an easier and more intuitive system.




Ronin Accessory Support2
Accessory Support

The refined and enhanced Intelligence of the Ronin 2 allows filmmakers to easily capture shots that before needed specialist expertise or additional equipment.

The redesigned power system is now finely integrated with the Ronin 2, able to power the motors, camera, and accessories without any dangling cables or multiple systems. With the dual battery system, filmmakers can now easily hot swap batteries to keep the camera and accessories powered and maximize their shooting time.



The Ronin 2 features dual, self-heating batteries to ensure a stable power output and high performance in temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C) or high heat environments. The batteries can operate either independently or simultaneously for complete redundancy and to allow filmmakers to keep shooting even in the most extreme weather conditions. The batteries can be easily charged and swapped out for minimal disruption during shoots.


Now, accessories such as the DJI focus, installed cameras, monitors and more can all be powered by the Ronin 2’s dual batteries with integrated cabling and ports, thus eliminating any dangling or exposed wires.


Ronin Accessory Support 2
Accessory Support 2


The entirety of the Ronin 2 has been redesigned for maximum reliability. This includes materials, the splash-proof enclosed motor design, redundancy, and cable organization. These new elements allow the Ronin 2 to optimally perform in demanding shooting environments.


Built with carbon fibre, the Ronin 2 is made to perform in extreme weather conditions. The Ronin 2 is light, durable, and reliable in all shooting scenarios.


The Ronin 2 is designed with a built-in GPS system which is crucial to maintaining the cameras position and the horizon level when in high-speed situations. The GPS system is additionally crucial for providing the Ronin 2 with important information for gimbal acceleration and speed.



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