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UMB-1 Universal Mattebox

UMB-1 Universal Mattebox (Clamp On)

UMB-1 Universal Mattebox (Clamp On) comes standard with two rotating 4×5.65 filter stages (with an optional third stage available), individual tray catchers, folding French flag, 143mm native diameter opening, NATO standard accessory rails on left, right, and top for attaching accessories, and a complete set of clamp on reduction rings. The UMB-1 is designed to be user upgradable and quick to transition from clamp on, to swing away, to ultralight when using a stabilizer. Upgradable to Swing Away or Clamp On versions when needed.

This kit ships in a box with custom cut foam. The custom foam can be removed and installed into a Pelican 1550 hard case (not included).

Included Components:

UMB universal mattebox

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Included Clamp On Adapters:



Epic Dragon with Wooden Camera PL Mount
  • Arri / Zeiss Ultra Prime 16mm T1.9 – No vignette in 5K
  • Cooke S4/i 16mm T2.0 – No vignette in 4K
  • Angenieux Optimo DP 16-42mm T2.8 – No vignette in 5K as wide as 18mm
  • Leica Summicron-C 18mm T2.0 – No vignette in 5K
  • Cooke S4/i 21mm T2.0 – No vignette in 5K
Epic Dragon with Red Ti Canon Mount (EF)
  • Zeiss CP.2 15mm T2.9 – No vignette in 6K
  • Canon L Series I 16-35mm f2.8 – No vignette in 6K
Sony A7S (FF) with EF Adapter
  • Sigma 12mm Prime
  • No vignette in full frame
  • Canon 24mm L-Series Prime – No vignette in full frame
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